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How to WRITE like you SPEAK and make MORE $$

Today I'm lucky enough to provide all of you with a guest post from a friend of mine. His name is David Tendrich, founder and owner of Visionary Jammer Guitar School in Atlanta, Georgia. David also happens to be what I consider a GENIUS when it comes to dominating your local craigslist advertising, how to write good sales copy, making unique yet effective ads for your small business or service, etc.. Hell, the guy made over $1,000 in ONE WEEK using his craigslist advertising techniques!! Anyways, I have a great guest post from the man himself below.. Without further a due..

How to write an ad or website as convincing as any sales pitch you’ve ever spoken
Turning how you speak into how you write

By: David Tendrich
Unexpected Ways Creative Design & Marketing Solutions

The man himself, David Tendrich
He knows a thing or two about making creative ads!

Finding your voice

Many of us are great talkers. We think of an idea, and instantly find the right words to tell that idea to others. And as far as business goes – we know exactly what to say to turn a prospect into a client. However ask us to write an argument as compelling as one we spoke, and we freeze up. The words get stuck, and so what comes out is this mangled, gnarled splatter of letters that couldn’t convince a cow to eat grass.

The Trick to Writing Like You Speak

Here’s the trick to writing how you speak… Write how you speak! The most compelling copywriting is the most down to earth copy that you can really connect with and relate to. So pretend you’re speaking – don’t use crazy words or phrases you never would in talking, or suddenly become super formal. Just be yourself.
Here’s a technique that will help you to do just that – to be yourself while you write.

Gary Halbert’s Technique

Gary Halbert is considered by many to be the best copywriter who ever lived. If you haven’t heard of him, check out It’s a collection of hundreds of free articles written by Gary about copywriting and marketing. Brilliant stuff. Anyways, in an interview on this very subject we’re discussing today, Gary offered a solution for people who have trouble writing.

"Mr. Gary Halbert ladies and gentlemen!"

That solution is to carry around a recorder. And whenever you’re talking with a prospect about your business, record the conversation. Do this repeatedly until you forget you’re even wearing a recorder, because that’s when you’ll really be natural and compelling. Then, when you feel you’ve recorded some great material, sit down, and write it out.

And presto! You have yourself copy that’s better than 90% of what’s out there!

The reason that it’s better than 90% of what’s out there is simple: you wrote down what you actually said to another human being. In copywriting, you’re speaking to other human beings. So if you can remember that for every copywriter there are copyreaders, you will sound much more natural and compelling in what you write.
Maybe even take out a recorder and pretend you’re speaking with someone about your business. Or talk out loud as you write. Do whatever you can to tap into your voice, and to get it down on paper. Because the second you start writing copy that really feels natural, that just flows out as easily as spoken words, you have yourself something people will really respond to.

And if you have any questions,
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And thanks again, John, for the opportunity to write a guest post on your blog!

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  1. David is the man... seriously, folks.. If you want to dominate the local market, listen and take action!!