Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do you WORK OUT or Do you TRAIN ?!

This could be why your results are lacking!

Please, DO NOT be THIS at the Gym....!!!

-Ever wonder why no matter how much you "work out", how good you think your diet it, how much you've cut back on the sugary shit you've been eating, etc etc etc.. No matter how HARD you think you've been working towards a goal, NOTHING works?! You just are NOT getting results? I have one very simple question for you that may make you take another look at how you are going about the fitness game...

Do you "WORK OUT" or do you "TRAIN"?!

What is the difference?!? Well very clearly.. When I refer to "working out", it's the people that go to the gym.. talk on the cell the newspaper while they are exercising... carrying on a full conversation with the person sitting next to them... watching TV... taking a break to smoke a cigarette (YES I HAVE SEEN THIS!). Basically, you go through the motions for some reason or another. Maybe you feel obligated to be there? Maybe it's peer pressure. Maybe it's the newest "thing to do". Either way, I almost go crazy when I see this type of BS. Why even waste your time if you're going to just take up space for others that actually are going to put it to good use?!

Then what is TRAINING? Ever see the guys who don't say a word when they are in the gym to ANYONE? How about the girls who's shirts are drenched in sweat after an intense 25-45 minutes of HIGH INTENSITY, gut-wrenching work? Think INTENSITY.

It is with my humble opinion that if you are going to step foot in ANY GYM, you best have a purpose. No matter what that purpose is, you are there to take one step FURTHER to your goal. If you're there to socialize, please leave and go to Starbucks. I realize that some commercial gyms can be intimidating for newbies, I understand this. The one's with experience out there should be (and for the most part ARE) willing to help you out if you approach them with respect and actually show you want to LEARN.

"Ever felt like this during a training session?! Try it sometime! Nice work Mr. English!"

I will never turn someone away if they truly want help and are eager to put in the HARD WORK it takes to get to where they want to be. In order to achieve REAL results, you must be willing to break out of your comfort zone. If you don't really know what I'm talking about, Ryan Joiner (owner of Athlon Elite) is offering 2 F-R-E-E Trial sessions at Athlon Elite here in San Luis Obispo, CA. All you have to do is go here Athlon Elite, fill out a quick bit of info about yourself, and you can truly see and feel what it's like to break out of your comfort zone and TRAIN HARD. Not only do you get this, you will also receive: An Introductory Fitness and Nutrition Consultation to assess your goals, a copy of Our FREE Report "The Truth About Fat Loss!", and a subscription to our quarterly newsletter. All this is valued at $175!! And you get it all for F-R-E-E.

So what are you waiting for? Are you willing to take action and take that next step? Either way, no matter what YOU do or where you are, don't be afraid to push yourself a little bit! You'll be glad you did!

-John Cortese, YFS

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