Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick and Effective* Muscle Building/Fat Loss Workout

What's up kids?!

I'll make it short and quick today. I'm on my way out the door to take care of a few things, but I wanted to leave you with a quick and easy workout that will get your heart rate up, accelerate your metabolism, and light a fire under your ass!

*Note- This workout itself is NOT easy. These sessions are short, brief, and intense. That's what I meant by easy. It requires little to no equipment, will take you literally 20-30 minutes, and have you burning calories all day long! You MUST push yourself on this workout to get maximum benefits. 20-30 minutes of ass kicking!!

"20 Minute Machine Workout" Perform the following circuit for 20-30 minutes. Try to get as many rounds in as you can!Take as little rest as needed between exercise. You'll need to get out to either a park or track (there should be no excuse, there are plenty of these around! Go to your local high school or neighborhood park!)

-Perform a brief 5-10 minute movement prep warm up of jogging, skipping, leg swings, arm circles, hip circles, and light jumps before beginning.

Push Ups x max reps
Sprint x 50 yards
Burpees x 10
Sprint x 50 yards
Walking Lunge x 20 (10 per leg) LONG STEPS

*If it's been a while since you've sprinted, build up to a speed that is around 80% effort (pretty fast but not BALLS OUT. I don't want you pulling a hamstring on me! ;) )
Cooldown with a light/easy 5 minute jog and some easy stretching. Enjoy!

*Thanks to Underground Strength Coach Zach Even-Esh for inspiring the format of this session. Trust me, this one is no joke! Post a comment below and let me know how it goes! This sessions requires NO equipment but your own body and a will to push yourself HARD!

See ya!

-John Cortese, YFS


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